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Art embodying reverence for Christ and his Church
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El Greco, Saint Jerome as a Scholar, c. 1610.  Oil on canvas, Robert Lehman Collection, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.

Domenico Beccafumi, Saint Michael and the Fall of the Rebellious Angels, c.1524.  Oil on wood panel, Pinacoteca Nazionale, Siena.


Salisbury Cathedral - Wiltshire - England (von Anguskirk)

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Francesco Francia
The Martyrdom of St. Cecilia

Fresco, 1504 - 1506

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Charles Edward Hallé (British, 1846–1914), “St George”

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Two years ago today, Pastor Saeed was thrown in an Iranian prison for his Christian faith. Today, we are calling on Iran to release him.

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Hans Memling
The Beheading of Saint John the Baptist

Detail from St. John Altarpiece, c. 1479

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Edward Henry Corbould (British, 1815-1905) , “Saul And The Witch Of Endor”, 1860

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Guido Reni

Magdalene in Penitence

c. 1635

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Francisco de Zurbarán

The Apotheosis of Saint Jerome, ca. 1646

Capilla de San Jerónimo (attic of the main altarpiece) · Real Monasterio de Santa María de Guadalupe, Spain 

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Herri Met de Bles, Christ in Limbo, 16th c, DIA

A vision of Hell in step with what was being produced by Bosch and Brueghel at this same time.


On 26 September 1997, a series of earthquakes shook central Italy and caused part of the Basilica of Saint Francis at Assisi to collapse. At least ten people were killed, and the fourteenth-century frescoes of the upper church sustained considerable damage. Restorers painstakingly collected fragments from the rubble. The church reopened to the public in 1999.


The Crucifixion, by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo.

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  Carlo Saraceni, Santa Cecilia e l’angelo (1610 circa)

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